Welcome Sign in the entrance to the Co-op

Welcome to The Olympia Food Co-op, a membership-based collectively-operated food store! First-time shoppers are welcome to shop at membership prices, as well as folks who are members of any other food co-op in the world.

Our memberships cost very little, as part of our mission statement is to “make good food accessible to more people”. To further this goal, we also offer free memberships to seniors, people with disabilities, and those whose income falls below self-sufficiency.

In addition, you are welcome to participate in our Working Member program, a key element of our vibrant Co-op community. Working members are an active part of daily store operations – such as stocking and cashiering – have a voice in administration, and are involved in variety of other special projects. For more info on this program, visit the Member Services desk in either store to sign up for an introduction tour.

Benefits of Membership

  • members shop at shelf prices (non-members pay 10% above the shelf price)
  • members are eligible to become working members and receive an additional discount
  • members may vote in elections
  • members may run for the Board of Directors
  • members are entitled to receive the Olympia Food Co-op Newsletter

Read more about the Types of Membership

Download the Membership Form PDF