Go Local

The Olympia Food Co-op has a well-established local buying program that we are very proud of. Promotions of purchasing local foods has become popular in the food industry, and there are a variety of definitions of this word. Here at the Olympia Food Co-op, if we say a product is “local”, it has been grown or produced within Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Pierce, or Grays Harbor counties. And our definition of “regional” are for products that have been grown or produced in Washington, Oregon, or British Columbia. Currently, we buy directly from over one hundred local/regional producers and farms, and many of these direct relationships are with vendors located right in Thurston County. We also carry many more wonderful Northwest products which are sold to us through larger distributors.Buy_Local_Sticker_RGB

You can identify locally and regionally produced items by looking for this sticker.

We strive to make locally and regionally produced goods affordable to our members while also paying the farmers and producers fair prices for their crops and products. To facilitate this, we use a lower mark-up on locally and regionally produced items that are sold to us directly than we do on items grown or produced elsewhere. To help you get a taste of some of our amazing local and regional goods, we also host a biannual event at our stores called Local Eats where you can meet farmers and producers and sample the items we sell at the Co-op.

Thank you for supporting the people who work hard to produce food and products for our community and for helping to make our local program such a success!

If you’re a local or regional vendor interested in selling to the Olympia Food Co-op, contact Customer Service, customerservice@olympiafood.coop,and they will direct you to the appropriate department manager.