Olympia Food Co-op: Class Instructors: Ava Arvest
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Ava Arvest

Born and raised in Ohio, I have been a happy transplant in Olympia for five and a half years now. I came to Olympia to finish school and explore the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from Evergreen with a focus in herbal medicine, women's studies, and non-profits. My love for mycology started a long time ago and was kindled through the Radical Mycology Convergence, the first ever conference held to bring together excited mycologists and amateur mycologists. The RMC was where the Olympia Mycelial Network was born. I have been cultivating and propagating the medicine, and the food that mushrooms can provide the planet and people since 2011. I have always been a tenant of the land, and ecosystem and have focused my work on healing not only locally, but globally. I have knowledge in herbalism, midwifery, music, and medicine making that compliment my love for healing and wellness.

Email: frameofdesign@gmail.com

Website: olympiamycelialnetwork.wordpress.com/