Olympia Food Co-op: Class Instructors: Christine Ciancetta
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Christine Ciancetta

Christine has been cooking since grade school, learning from her upstate New York Italian family and neighbors. There she studied with a local French pastry chef and considers her own education in Italian cuisine to be a lifelong exploration. She has two college degrees and has spent most of her adult life in various administrative roles at the college level. Since she started teaching cooking classes in 2004 Christine's mission has been to share her passion for simple, delicious food cooked at home. In the best Italian cooking simple means that you can taste each ingredient and that each ingredient is vital to the success of the dish. Ultimately Christine's teaching is a reflection of an Italian ideal, that cooking needs to be better integrated into out lives, and that cooking and enjoying food should be a social activity filled with family, friends, and the time to enjoy it all.

Email: c_ciancetta@hotmail.com

Website: http://.cucinaciancetta.com